We are a country of 150million people, yet we run to India or China for our basic software needs.

We have large groups of jobless area boys roaming our cities, yet we outsource out IT work to barely literate Indian developers.

The biggest irony of this is that there are many excellent Nigerian software developers working in other countries all over the world.

Software development is not just some vague activity carried out by anti-social geeks in darkened rooms. It affects every facet of our lives and helps improve our lives immeasurably.

Without a robust software industry, Nigeria will remain underdeveloped. However, If India can build a powerful software industry in a few years, Nigeria can do the same. But the work has to start here - with people like you and me.

This project hopes to help develop a strong Nigerian Software industry. Please try to join and support the project or pass this information on to a friend who might find it useful.

The aims of the project are:
To help develop the Nigerian Software Industry.
To give Nigerians the capability to meet it's own software requirements.
To help create cutting-edge software specifically for the Nigerian market.
To train, advice and mentor a new generation of software developers.
To bring together Nigerian developers from all over the world.
To marry good ideas with relevant software developers (some people have excellent ideas but not the ability to build the software)

This project aims to be both a commercial and social-economic tool. We hope that people active in this project would help create commercially profitable ventures while at the same time bringing jobs to Nigerians and technological development to the country.