Introduction to back end web/software development

This course is currently offered only as part of a larger course. Please book this course instead: Introduction to full stack web development

You are free to pay for and attend just the second half of the course, which deals with back-end web development only.

Start: 5 Feb 2022      End: 12 Feb 2022
Time: 9:00am (please arrive at least 15 minutes before this time)
4 days
2 intensive onsite whole-day lectures and tutorials on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Each class is followed by mid-week onsite or online tutorials and teacher assessments.
Lagos/Ogun: 1 Prince Alade Lane, Off Ajasa Command, Lagos, Nigeria Location on map
Entry Requirements:
There are no Academic requirements for this course
Course Materials:
Students are encouraged to attend the class with their own laptops as additional costs would apply for use of in-house computers. Furthermore, students are required to do off-site tutorials which would require the use of a computer.
Fee: ₦10000.00

Detailed information:
Basic Training: For people who would like to have a good grounding in Internet technologies, web building and/or software development. This course does not involve any examinations or issue any certification.

It is ideal for: Enthusiasts who would like to know more about building and software development; Company bosses and managers who would want a better understanding of IT and how it can be applied to their business. Students who would like to use this as a stepping stone for a certification or a degree course etc etc.
Click for full course schedule >> *** Week 1: PHP (BACK END) ****
(1) Tutorial: resolve any problems with the JavaScript Tutorial.
(2) Question and answer session
(3) How to publish a web page/upload files to your server
(4) FTP applications: FileZilla
(5) Your free web hosting site details
(6) Upload and view your work uploaded, on the www
(7) Local environment: Installing WampServer
(8) Brief discourse on CGI types and history: ASP, JSP, PERL, PHP
(9) PHP: Introduction to PHP. What is PHP? Why PHP?
(10) PHP in dynamic HTML pages
(11) Basic 'Hello World' page
(12) PHP core functions (eg echo, printf etc)
(13) Variables in php
(14) If statements
(15) for loops (with brief mention of other loops)
(16) Error messages in PHP
(17) More php functions (concentrate on the core/most used)
(18) Linking JavaScript (front End) with PHP (server/back end): Forms with php
(19) Question and answer session
(20) Homework 1: Give students a list of PHP functions to study, test and understand
(21) Homework 2: Give students a pdf of a basic HTML page with dynamic parts to create via php. They must replicate and upload their work for assessment before the next class

*** Week 2: PHP/MYSQL/SQL (BACK END) ****
(1) Tutorial: resolve any problems with the building of the dynamic PHP/HTML pages.
(2) Question and answer session
(3) Databases: what are databases? Why use them?
(4) A short discourse on various types.
(5) create a MySQL database with phpMyAdmin
(6) Explain data types, unique fields, primary fields etc
(7) Linking front end (JavaScript) with back end (PHP) and database (MySQL)
(8) SQL and php queries with SQL
(9) Basic SQL Queries: Select
(10) Basic SQL Queries: Insert
(11) Basic SQL Queries: Update
(12) Basic SQL Queries: Delete
(test all queries with a basic script)
(13) Common SQL errors
(14) Bringing it all together: HTML, PHP, MySQL
(15) Including back end form validation with php
(16) All students to build dynamic HTML form that allows than to insert, update, view and delete from the server
(17) using Ajax with CRUD
(18) Tips and Tools:
* Preventing the reproduction of "Head" and "Navigation"
* useful tools/libraries to build responsive/adaptive page: just a short talk on this. No teaching [EC/OO???]
(19) Question and answer session
What to expect from the course: