Advanced back end web/software development

This course is currently offered only as part of a larger course. Please book this course instead:
Advanced full stack web development

6 days spread across 6 Saturdays or Sundays. Three intensive whole-day lectures and three intensive whole-day tutorials
Entry Requirements:
There are no Academic requirements for this course
Course Materials:
Students are encouraged to attend the class with their own laptops as additional costs would apply for use of in-house computers. Furthermore, students are required to do off-site tutorials which would require the use of a computer.

Detailed information:
Basic Training: For people who would like to have a good grounding in Internet technologies, web building and/or software development. This course does not involve any examinations or issue any certification.

It is ideal for: Enthusiasts who would like to know more about building and software development; Company bosses and managers who would want a better understanding of IT and how it can be applied to their business. Students who would like to use this as a stepping stone for a certification or a degree course etc etc.
What to expect from the course: