Diploma in Software development and Web technologies

TBA, 2019
1 year, including onsite weekend lectures and tutorials.
Entry Requirements:
5 GCSEs. Alternatively student must have a certificate in one of our short courses or similar third-party course.
* A short assessment for suitability may be carried out where the demand for the curse exceeds the available spaces
Assessment: Students are assessed through at various times in the year through courseworks and tests. A final project must be completed in order for the diploma to be granted.
Course Materials:
Students are encouraged to attend the class with their own laptops and smarphones, as additional costs would apply for use of in-house computers. Furthermore, students are required to do off-site tutorials which would require the use of a computers, smartphones, Set top boxes, TVs etc.
Fee: ₦99999.99
Detailed information:
This course is supposed to give the student a firm grounding in and understanding of software development and Internet technologies. This is a hands-on course that encompasses both front-end and and back-end technologies. Students who successfully complete this programme are competent in building websites for various devices from the end to end.

The course concentrates on the main technologies and devices (eg computers, smart-phones) but also gives some attention to useful but peripheral technologies and devices (eg developing for interactive TV etc)

Students will also be given a good grounding in general software development.

Graduates from this course may go straight into the professional world or may choose to specialise in
What to expect from the course: