Building an online Store

One day (9am - 6pm)
Lagos/Ogun: 1 Prince Alade Lane, Off Ajasa Command, Lagos, Nigeria Location on map
Entry Requirements:
There are no Academic requirements for this course, but the course is NOT for beginners. Students must have more than a basic grasp of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP
Course Materials:
Fee: ₦15000.00

Detailed information:
Basic Training: For people who would like to have a good grounding in Internet technologies, web building and/or software development. This course does not involve any examinations or issue any certification.

It is ideal for: Web developers who would like to have specific skills in the areas covered by these courses. These classes are NOT ideal for a beginner.
What to expect from the course:
At the end of the course, all participants should be able to build a fully functional online store with emphasis on the Nigerian market.