Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[This question pertains to this course: Introduction to fullstack web/software development]

There will be tutorials during the week but they could be done remotely. Attendance of the tutorials are not mandatory but we recommend you do.

The timing of the tutorial can be arranged with the tutors

No. It says the issuance of certificates is not automatic. We will issue them only to those who attend all lectures and participate fully with homework etc. If we give the certificate to people simply because they registered, it would be worthless and employers will not take that certificate seriously. We want employers to be sure that anyone who holds that certificate has a certain level of knowledge.

You pay the normal price if you choose to pay on the start day. We can't give everyone a discount. Advance payments help us in certain ways, including being able to predict and plan for the number of attendees. Not everyone who registers will bother to turn up so advance payments give us an idea of the serious registrants.

Surely we can't give discounts for no reason otherwise we will end up making losses. As it stands, the full price is lower than any similar classes you can find anywhere so it's still a good deal, if you that's what you choose.

Unfortunately, we do not offer home lessons. We can make arrangements with companies and other private bodies to teach tailored courses to their staff on their premises. Please see more information here: Tailored courses. The cost of such courses will depend on the details of each individual arrangement.

Unfortunately, we do not, at the moment. We expect to do some of the tutorials online, but the teaching is face-to-face. We will explore online classes in future if we find that there is a viable market for it amongst our target audience.