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Jobs, projects and project ideas

This section is for submissions of and discussions on different categories of jobs, projects and project ideas. There are similarities and overlaps with the above items, so the user will sometimes be confused as to where to submit his/her entries. This explanation, below, will try to clarify this.

Entries for jobs are the most straightforward. If you are an employer, a company HR representative with a vacancy or you are just an individual who requires some work done, post your entry on: Submit a Job >>.

The job could be a one off job (eg help with building a web site) or permanent job (eg vacancy for a helpdesk administrator).

Any jobs submitted will be matched to the relevant professionals on our site. Jobs submitted are not open to discussion in the forums the are simply between the employer and the prospective employee.

The main difference between projects and jobs is the scope of the submission. Whereas jobs simply deal with vacancies for one or a handful of individuals, projects are not just a job vacancy. They are a kind of announcement of a major initiative where an entire team might be needed, or funding might be required or input/advice from NSE members might be needed. Most projects will be open to discussion from our members.

There are 2 statuses of projects: and idea or a bona-fide project. a bone-fide project is one where the submitter(s) has already decided what exactly needs to be done, have committed resource to the plan and actually have the plan up and running. They are submitting the project here simply to take the project to the next step. For instance, they might be looking to recruit a team of experts or they might be looking for funding. On the other hand, and idea is just what it says. Someone has an idea but is not sure what next to do or how viable the idea is and wants to get input form the NSE members before deciding whether or not to take the idea forward as a proper project.

There are 3 types of projects and ideas that can be submitted: (1) Social Projects (2) Social/Commercial Projects (3) Commercial projects.

An example of a social/commercial project might be one that helps to find a cure for sickle cell or a vaccine for Malaria. That is a great social undertaking, but it can also make the project owner a lot of money.

A purely commercial project might be one that helps to improve non-medically essential plastic surgery procedures. This can make the project owner a lot of money, but has little social benefits.

Finally, a social project is one that has no commercial benefits for the owner, but has big benefits for the society.

There are some overlaps, but hopefully the above explanation should help us decide where to submit our contributions.

If you have any ideas by which we can improve this projects/job section or make it more relevant and helpful to you, please do not hesitate to tell us.