Certificate in Front end Web building

16 on-site days spread across 16 Saturdays or Sundays. 8 intensive whole-day lectures and 8 intensive whole-day tutorials
Entry Requirements:
Certified training - Where places are limited, applicants with GCSE Credits in English and Mathematics would be given preference. In addition, the course aims to include a minimum of 25% female attendance. As such, some preference maybe given to women candidates whenever there is a shortfall in applications from women.
Course Materials:
Students are encouraged to attend the class with their own laptops as additional costs would apply for use of in-house computers. Furthermore, students are required to do off-site tutorials which would require the use of a computer.

Detailed information:
Certified training courses: are directed at people who would like to have a formal IT qualification as part of their career progression. The course is an entry-level but highly technical qualification and the holder will be skilled and competent enough to build and manage standard web sites and basic smartphone applications. The certification will also count towards the entry requirements for a degree or higher qualification IT course. The course involves that the attendee submit coursework and passes tests and examinations before receiving the certificate.
What to expect from the course: